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CORE Groups

what is an acts core group?

A small group (4-10 usually) that occupy the same or similar communities, meet once a week (1-2 hours or so) usually of the same gender (although not always), usually with a mentor (someone a little older) that will meet with the group to mentor and encourage (sometimes just once, sometimes weekly). In Core groups you can develop deep friendships and a close community with each other that is difficult to develop in larger or less focused groups. A Core group is a great place to belong!

A typical Core group will discuss a chosen book, apply its message to our lives, go through a prayer exercise, share requests and praises, and find new ways to build and refresh our relationship with God. While exploring what God has in store for us, we will also build our relationship w/ each other by occasionally incorporating fun and creative activities into our group.


the purpose?

To encourage and foster spiritual understanding and growth through consistent prayer, Bible study and honest, genuine fellowship. The Core Group is an important ingredient for providing what we feel are Spiritual Nutrition needs – The Word, Prayer, Fellowship and Communion. The Core group is also one of a three strand commitment that can strengthen your personal walk with Christ:

  1. Meet weekly with your Core group (Spiritual Growth)
  2. Invite and bring others to the ACTS Friday large group meeting (Outreach)
  3. Actively seek an area of ministry within which to serve (Leadership)