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See. Care. Ask. Go. Reflecting on Jesus’ example and call. From MX today!

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Sun, July 1 2018 » NEWS » 1 Comment

Hey hey hey!

Hey there, I think it’s time for some sleep.  But, taking steps forward here, so that our ACTS family can use this how it’s supposed to be used!

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Thu, June 28 2018 » NEWS » 2 Comments

New Post Test for the GIFT :)

Like a Hurricane he flew from one end of the court to the other but he could only jump 2″ off the ground, an unfortunate handicap.

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Tue, June 26 2018 » NEWS » 1 Comment

PayPal Donations Now Available

Spread the word and please consider making a donation through PayPal to ACTS Campus Ministry! What can your money do? $10 will enable A.J. to have a coffee Bible study with a student $25 will provide A.J. lunch money to take a student out $50 will provide A.J. with a week of gas as he […]

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Wed, September 18 2013 » for supporters, NEWS » Comments Off on PayPal Donations Now Available